Using our internal know-how, combined with the most up to date web handling technologies, we provide our customers with a controlled, consistent surface and superior cleanliness on multiple types of films, papers and release liners.

VAM Technology has developed multiple in-house processes which equate to significant, value added savings and benefits to our customers using VAM Technology substrates. Our central goal is to supply a durable surface finish to our customers which is fit for use for your application(s). We are flexible in product offerings and have the ability to adjust our capabilities to achieve our customer requirements utilizing film substrates specified in the decorative packaging, commercial display, industrial signage and home appliance market in both small niche custom and commercial volumes.

  • We brush up to 73" widths.

  • We handle rolls up to 32" OD or 2,500 lbs (1150kg).

  • We brush thin (92 gauge) to thicker film substrates (1000 gauge) and provide roll lengths between 500 yards (457 meters) up to 4,500 yards (4,115 meters) dependent on substrate thickness.

VAM Technology has the ability to duplicate many variations of the sought after brushed stainless steel appearance seen in commercial food service kitchens, restaurants and home appliances, to various durable film substrates which are then coated using a pressure sensitive adhesive by commercial coaters selling to graphic printers and converters.

Not only is the brushed look appealing to companies looking to increase the initial value of their product in the marketplace, personal hygiene, electronics, sporting, decorative films, ribbons and packaging consumers are attracted to the brushed appearance on product labels. Label face stock is available colors such as but not limited to chrome, silver, aluminum, gold and green. Brushed hard coat film is another very popular option to be used as an over laminate film giving the product beneath a brushed appearance.

Built into our brushing technology are key housekeeping processes needed to maintain product cleanliness and product performance. The result? Our customers receive clean, fiber free film that is beneficial to thermoformers, adhesive coaters and laminators. We pride ourselves on product quality, cleanliness, performance and appearance on every production order, with timely delivery to meet your agressive goals.