Brushing Our Way To Success, Finish By Finish

Your partner at the 'Finish Line'

VAM Technology was founded with the belief that the surface, superiority and durability of brushed film substrates was integral to the product marketing industry.

As a process focused Company, VAM Technology utilizes numerous exclusive, proprietary processes to effectively control brush pattern depths on multiple film substrates to converters supplying the automotive, tag, label and decorative packaging and paper industries.

Our internal know-how, combined with the most modern web handling technologies, offers our customers a controlled, consistent surface coupled with superior cleanliness on multiple types of film and release liners. Flexible in product offerings and dynamically able to adjust our capacity and capabilities to achieve critical customer requirements, VAM Technology has become a leader in providing film substrates specified in the decorative packaging, commercial display, industrial signage and home appliance market in both small niche, boutique and commercial volumes.

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Brushed Film Products for the Decorative Paper, Packaging, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Marketing Industries